Software Services for Government & Industry Bodies

Stride Solutions has lots of experience operating in highly regulated industries.  We take the time to understand your requirements, especially when there are complex regulations or legislation involved.

We can also integrate with your existing document and content management systems, implement workflows and multi layered access.

We’re experienced working with confidential data and can architect a system to meet your needs, especially if public clouds are not an option for you.


As much as you’d like you shed your legacy systems we understand that is rarely possible.  We’ll find a way to integrate with your existing systems even when they were not designed to be integrated with anything.

Internal Systems

Technology is constantly evolving and when you’re part of a government department taxpayers expect that they are getting value for money.  Stride has experience developing comprehensive workflow systems to manage strict regulatory processes.

Public Facing Systems

A younger generation of clients now have different expectations, they don’t wan’t to spent time waiting on the phone to find the information they need.  They expect to be able to use the internet when interacting with government.

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