Your Reliable Development Partner


Idea validation and feasibility, project scoping, document writing services.


Ensuring the product is easy to use and understand for the target audience.

Development & Testing

Agile development leveraging modern cloud services and frameworks.  Automated testing reduces regressions and ongoing testing effort.

Deployment & Support

Product launch, ongoing support and maintenance. 24/7 support options.

Web & App Development

Web development techniques have come a long way in recent years.  Not so long ago, almost everything happened on the server but with the explosion in JavaScript based frameworks which run in the client browser, have made it easier to create extremely fast web applications which transfer a minimal amount of data over the wire.  These web applications are serviced by a JSON API which can often be reused to service native apps.


Stride Solutions is at the forefront of web and app development for businesses and actively work to reuse code, reduce the required software testing effort and enable our clients to focus on their business, not their tech.

Cloud Services

Stride Solutions has experience working with the major cloud providers, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


Are you looking to migrate to the cloud?  Or perhaps you are a new business looking to take advantage of compute on demand services without the CapEx barriers businesses would traditionally have.  Whatever your business, Stride can evaluate your needs and suggest ways that you can utilise the power of the cloud whilst enjoying cost saving


Looking to develop a new system and enjoy all the benefits cloud computing has to offer?  Or looking to manage your cloud resources and found that there are no off the shelf solutions which meet your needs?  Stride can develop a custom solution tailored exactly to meet the needs of your business.


Automation in the cloud means considerable cost savings for your business.  Free your staff up from laborious repetitive tasks by automating infrastructure management, reduce mistakes maintain accountability.

Software Development

Over the last 10 years, Stride has worked on many projects from relatively simple websites to complex end to end solutions.  We have extensive experience in the popular backend and frontend technologies.

Databases and Backends

Over recent years, databases have now evolved and there are numerous options depending on  the workload.  These include traditional OLAP SQL databases, NoSQL databases and an abundance cloud based options for data storage, but which is best for your system?  We’re experienced with all ends of the spectrum, from high availability high transaction systems to simple database solutions.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

For modern software, a quality API is a must.  Multiple services now connect together with ease in a way that was unthinkable a few years ago.  Stride has developed and consumed many APIs and we know what makes a good one!

Voice & Chat

Looking to open up new sales channels by taking advantage of Voice Assistants and Chatbots?  Or simply looking to expose your services to these exciting technologies?


Chatbots have now developed to the point where they can perform the roles of a virtual sales assistant and customer service operator.  We utilise natural language processing techniques and connect them to your APIs.  Customers can ask for help, products and product information.  Chatbots can now understand context based on previous messages.  Slack, Facebook Messanger, Skype, Twillio and messaging on your website or in your apps are all options.

Voice Assistants

Voice can now integrate with your backend systems enabling customers to simply ask for information and the information they require without touching any device at all.  Order using your voice, or use it to support your existing channels.

Integration Services

While it’s now common for software services to have an API to integrate with, this was not always the way and it’s still not the way for a lot of legacy systems still in use.  Stride Solutions are the experts in making old and new technologies work together.

We have performed all manner of integrations and are experienced in all the pitfalls from PCI compliance to creating hybrid Cloud services.


Need help getting your project off the ground?  Not sure of the size or complexity?  Stride Solutions can provide an experienced Business Analyst to break down and document the project.  Our services include:

– Technical Document Writing Services
– Technical Consulting
– Project Scoping

Our Process

Idea Validation

Talk through your idea or business problem with us. Has it been solved in a similar way before? If so, how can it be done better? We can help guide you through the research phase to help validate your idea.

Define Scope

Our Business Analyst will work with you to define the scope from targeted platforms to a feature set road map. Customer front-end channels through to back end administration interfaces, this phase is essential for building a successful product. Most product are going to rely on multiple third party services, libraries or products and these will be defined in this phase. This allows us to provide accurate time frames and costings.

UX/UI Design

Based on the defined scope, we’ll draw wire-frames which allow you to experience the user experience (UX). From there, our UI designers create the required graphical elements for the platform.

Develop & Test

We are serious about quality and our agile process has been refined over years of working in the industry. We work to commit to timeframes, yet also understand that change is constant and will work to be flexible to adapt to changes along the way. Our QA process is rigorous and we utilise many modern testing tools to ensure a quality product.


Always an exciting time, we work closely with you and your marketing partner to ensure a successful launch. If your product includes apps, we work with you to manage the submissions to the iTunes App Store / Google Play store.

Maintain, Measure, Enhance & Grow

Product updates are essential to continually grow your customer base. We’ll provide you with the tracking tools to make informed decisions and give your business the support it needs so you always have someone to call.